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Paper: ALADIN: A Reference Tool for Identification of Astronomical Sources
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 229
Authors: Bonnarel, François; Fernique, Pierre; Genova, Françoise; Bartlett, James G.; Bienaymé, Olivier; Egret, Daniel; Florsch, Joseph; Ziaeepour, Houri; Louys, Mireille
Abstract: ALADIN is the CDS interactive sky atlas used for source identification and interpretation, multi-wavelength cross-identification, and data quality control. ALADIN includes an image server which contains reference images from the Schmidt survey DSS--I, soon from DSS--II, and images digitized by the MAMA-CAI machine with higher resolution for crowded fields. It allows for the overlaying of information extracted from the SIMBAD database, the VizieR catalogue server, and private catalogues. The X--Window interface, available at CDS and at several French institutes, includes a source extraction facility as well as image compression solutions for image transfer. The new step is to provide access to images of objects from the various CDS services on the WWW. Linked to this quick view facility, a JAVA interface includes interactive graphical processing and source list overlay.
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