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Paper: Webmail: an Automated Web Publishing System
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 257
Authors: Bell, David
Abstract: A system for publishing frequently updated information to the World Wide Web will be described. Many documents now hosted by the NOAO Web server require timely posting and frequent updates, but need only minor changes in markup or are in a standard format requiring only conversion to HTML. These include information from outside the organization, such as electronic bulletins, and a number of internal reports, both human and machine generated. Webmail uses procmail and Perl scripts to process incoming email messages in a variety of ways. This processing may include wrapping or conversion to HTML, posting to the Web or internal newsgroups, updating search indices or links on related pages, and sending email notification of the new pages to interested parties. The Webmail system has been in use at NOAO since early 1997 and has steadily grown to include fourteen recipes that together handle about fifty messages per week.
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