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Paper: Extracting Information from Text Data Bases
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 283
Authors: Albrecht, Rudolf; Merkl, Dieter
Abstract: The problem of computer assisted literature search is often misstated as the attempt to find, in a repository of electronic literature, a paper which, according to title and keywords, contains the desired information. This assumes that the original author was correct and complete in assigning keywords, and that the search criteria are free of preconceived expectations on the context in which the information might be foun d. Crossing the boundaries of disciplinary subfields is very difficult in this man ner. To avoid these problems it is necessary to categorize and classify the document s in the text data base using the full text. This will identify papers of interest, and of unexpected cross-relevance. We show the results of experiments using unsupervised classification based on neural networ ks.
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