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Paper: DASH -- Distributed Analysis System Hierarchy
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 357
Authors: Yagi, Masafumi; Mizumoto, Yoshihiko; Nishihara, Eiji; Yoshida, Michitoshi; Asai, Ryo; Chikada, Yoshihiro; Kosugi, George; Takata, Tadafumi; Ogasawara, Ryusuke; Ishihara, Yasuhide; Yanaka, Hiroshi; Morita, Yasuhiro; Nakamoto, Hiroyuki
Abstract: DASH is a distributed data reduction and analysis system constructed on CORBA. It plays an important role in the SUBARU computer system not only as an offline analysis system but also as a test and development environment of online quick analysis. We abstracted an object from astronomical data reduction/analysis procedures; `PROCube' (data reduction PROcedure Cube) and implemented it, so that we could share and reuse the reduction procedure. We are also trying to make it possible to retrieve sufficient original data for an analysis semi-automatically in cooperation with SUBARU data archive system (STARS).
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