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Paper: The IUE High Dispersion Spectra Processing in IRAF
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 361
Authors: Skoda, Petr
Abstract: The IUE high dispersion spectra available in NEWSIPS format of IUE final archive can not be directly analyzed in IRAF. A number of different packages like IUEDR (part of Starlink) or IUERDAF (written in IDL) have usually been used for this purpose. However, with the combination of the external IRAF package iuetools and several cl scripts, batch analysis of a large number of spectra can be performed. We describe the process of obtaining the data, converting it to IRAF format, echelle orders merging, and continuum fitting up to the measurements of radial velocity of selected resonance lines. We also give suggestions for rapid preparation of a convenient plot of line profile series ordered by time and orbital phase. Finally, a brief discussion of advantages and bottlenecks of IRAF approach in regards of other packages is given.
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