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Paper: References for Galaxy Clusters Database
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 371
Authors: Kalinkov, M.; Valtchanov, I.; Kuneva, I.
Abstract: A bibliographic database will be constructed with the purpose to be a general tool for searching references for galaxy clusters. The structure of the database will be completely different from the available now databases as NED, SIMBAD, LEDA. Search based on keyword system will be performed through web interfaces from numerous bibliographic sources -- journal articles, preprints, unpublished results and papers, theses, scientific reports. Data from the very beginning of the extragalactic research will be included as well. References for galaxy clusters (RGC) is continuation of a previous project for collecting all published information for galaxy clusters. There are neither previous attempts nor projects for compiling such database for galaxy clusters and our effort will be to include into the database all of the available bibliography through our system of keywords until the end of 1999. Now over 3,000 entries are included into the preliminary version of the database.
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