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Paper: ESO/CDS Data-mining Tool Development Project
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 379
Authors: Ortiz, Patrcio F.; Ochsenbein, Fran├žois; Wicenec, Andreas; Albrecht, Miguel
Abstract: ESO and CDS are currently developing the data-mining tools which will allow users to access and combine the information stored in the forms of catalogs at CDS, and catalogs and data at ESO. CDS counts with about 5000 tables handled by the VizieR system (the data-mine, based on Sybase), including catalogs which appeared recently in journal articles. ESO has the data collected in the EIS program (deep survey with NTT) and will have in the future data from VLT's observations and other archived instruments in La Silla. The main goal has been to build a ``friendly'' user interface so that users located remotely can either submit their own data ``tables'' (as ASCII files) for comparison or extract information from either ESO or CDS to perform cross correlations in all the parameter space provided by the data catalogs -not restricting the correlations to positional ones. We have decided to use HTTP as the exchange protocol between the Data Mining Facilities (DMF) located at CDS and the ESO servers, as well as between the user and the DMF.
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