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Paper: Data Retrieval Software for the USNO-A Catalog: Another Member of the -DARES Family
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 407
Authors: Malkov, Oleg; Smirnov, Oleg
Abstract: The recently released USNO-A V1.0 catalog contains astrometric and photometric information for 488,006,860 objects, and is widely used by the astronomical community for all sorts of applications. However, accessing the actual catalog data is not quite straightforward, due to the huge size of the catalog and a somewhat complicated internal format. To facilitate data retrieval, we have created U-DARES, a user-friendly program that lets one look directly at the data in the USNO-A catalog, either as a graphical sky map, a plot, or a simple text table. Like GUIDARES (Malkov & Smirnov 1994), its predecessor for the Guide Star Catalog, U-DARES can read a sampling of USNO-A data for a given sky region, store this sampling in a text file, and display a graphical map of the sampled region either in projected celestial coordinates (perfect for finder charts) or in the Aitoff projection. It supports rectangular and circular regions defined by coordinates in the equatorial, ecliptic (any equinox), galactic or supergalactic systems. Other features include magnitude cut-offs and specification of the shape of the area.
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