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Paper: SAOTk: Tcl/Tk Widgets for Imaging and Data Visualization
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 429
Authors: Joye, William; Mandel, Eric
Abstract: SAOTk is an integrated set of Tcl/Tk widgets for astronomical imaging and data visualization. The widget set is composed of an Image, Panner, Magnifier, and Colorbar widget. In addition to ``classical'' support for imaging FITS data, manipulating colormaps, region marking, and coordinate readout (including WCS), SAOTk widgets also support arbitrary image scaling and rotation, advanced printing and graphics, image mosaics, and shared memory. The SAOTk widgets will be incorporated into the next major release of SAOtng, a release that will allow the astronomical community to begin moving away from its primary dependence on Unix and X11. They also can be incorporated into any standard Tcl/Tk environment to build custom data analysis and visualization applications.
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