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Paper: Converging Horizons: Collaborative 2/3D Visualization Tools for Astronomy
Volume: 172, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems VIII
Page: 433
Authors: Plante, Raymond L.; Rajlich, Paul J.; Pietrowitz, Steve; Xie, Wei; Qamar, Asif
Abstract: We present a variety of Java--based visualization tools for collaborative astronomical research which integrate a number of diverse technologies currently under development at NCSA. The NCSA Horizon Image Data Browser is a Java package for building Java applets that interact with 2D visualizations of multi-dimensional image data. The latest release of the package, Horizon 2.0, features a number of new capabilities including transparent support of collaboration and flexible support for multidimensional arrays. Astro3Vis is a pair of tools for creating and viewing 3D visualizations of astronomical images in a Web environment. The VRML Server is used to create 3D visualizations of FITS image cubes from the NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library (ADIL) in VRML format. While any VRML 2.0 browser can be used to view the visualizations, interactivity is enhanced when the VRML Server is used in conjunction with a Astro3D, a Java VRML viewer with specialized features supporting editing and collaboration. Together, the two tools that make up Astro3Vis provide an environment for creating 3D figures that can be published in electronic journals.
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