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Paper: Magellanic Cloud Novae and the Peak Magnitude vs Rate-of-Decline Relationship
Volume: 310, Variable Stars in the Local Group (IAU Colloquium 193)
Page: 530
Authors: Liller, W.; Shida, R.Y.
Abstract: Studying classical novae in the Magellanic Clouds has at least three huge advantages: (1) their distances are well-known; (2) the interstellar extinction is small and reasonably well known; and (3) an abundance of novae (47 as of 2003 September 15) have been discovered in the two clouds. Consequently, we will investigate in this paper one of the most important characteristics of novae: the relationship between the absolute magnitudes of the nova outbursts at maximum brightness and their rate of decline, often referred to as the MMRD.
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