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Paper: EIT Micro-Variability Studies : Preliminary Results from the SOHO JOP 80 Campaign
Volume: 184, Third Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Magnetic Fields and Oscillations
Page: 217
Authors: Clette, F.; Berghmans, D.
Abstract: The first results from the high-cadence imaging campaign run in May 98, by several space-based instruments with ground support (SOHO JOP80), are presented. General properties and scaling laws are deduced for a fairly large sample of small-amplitude short-lived impulsive brightenings occuring locally in active region loops. From these, we derive some conclusions about similarities with soft-X ray microflares. Several classes of minor transients are distinguished, such as loop-like and twin brightenings. We find also evidence for propagating compressive waves in extended field lines rooted near one magnetic pole of the active region. This study provides a first inventory of small-scale variabilities in view of the full analysis of this huge and rich data set.
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