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Paper: New Technologies for Data Storage: the DVD and Beyond
Volume: 184, Third Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Magnetic Fields and Oscillations
Page: 329
Authors: Messerotti, M.
Abstract: The new-generation solar instruments operating at high temporal and spatial resolution generate hypercubes of data with an ever increasing number of dimensions and size per dimension. This poses the pushing problem of long-term data storage, which requires reliable, high capacity media. In this respect the Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) technology is quite promising as it will allow up to 17 GB to be stored onto a double-sided disc, when made available by the industry. Here we consider different kinds of media for non-permanent and permanent storage with special attention to the DVD-R (DVD-Recordable), which seems the most suitable to archival purposes, as it is a "write-once" DVD similar to the CD-R (Compact Disc-Recordable), nowadays widely used for permanent storage despite its limited capacity (650 MB), whereas a single-sided DVD-R has a capacity of 3.95 GB, i.e., six times larger. As a final point, we address a newly-announced technology based on photo-addressable polymers (PAP), which is now under development and might theoretically lead to the storage of hundreds of gigabytes onto a single disc, resulting in a real quantum leap in data storage technology and performances.
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