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Paper: Preparations for the Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millenium in Turkey
Volume: 184, Third Advances in Solar Physics Euroconference: Magnetic Fields and Oscillations
Page: 348
Authors: Özgüç, A.; Ataç, T.; Altas, L.; Rusin, V.
Abstract: The last total solar eclipse of the millennium will be observed from Turkey which bridges two continents and has been the cradle of so many past civilizations. Among the countries from which the eclipse will be visible, Turkey seems to be one of the most suitable countries in terms of its climate and observational facilities. Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute has organised a survey along the eclipse path to determine the suitable sites for the observations. The shadow of the moon will be first seen from the Black Sea coast at 14:20 L.T. It will then pass through central Anatolia and will leave Turkey from south-east at 14:42 L.T. A list of the suitable observing sites along the eclipse path is given.
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