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Paper: A Disk Model for the 10 μm Spectra of Embedded YSOs with Dust-Dominated Continua
Volume: 196, Thermal Emission Spectroscopy and Analysis of Dust, Disks, and Regoliths
Page: 83
Authors: Bowey, J. E.; Adamson, A. J.
Abstract: Dust emission in the non-photospheric 10μm continua of HL Tau and Taurus-Elias 7 (Haro6-10, GV Tau) is distinguished from foreground silicate absorption using a 10μm disk model with radial power-law temperature and mass-density distributions and foreground extinction based on the IR-submm model of T Tauri stars by Adams, Lada & Shu (1988). The modelled 10μm emission of HL Tau contains optically thin silicate emission; that of Elias 7 is optically thick and featureless. The resulting silicate absorption profiles are similar to those of the field star Taurus-Elias 16. The fitted temperature indices are 0.43 (HL Tau) and 0.33 (Elias 7) in agreement with Boss' (1996) theoretical models of the 200- 300K region of YSO disks, but lower than those of IR-submm disks (0.5-0.61; Mannings & Emerson 1994).
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