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Paper: Thermal Emission Spectroscopy and Data Analysis of Solar System Regoliths
Volume: 196, Thermal Emission Spectroscopy and Analysis of Dust, Disks, and Regoliths
Page: 167
Authors: Sprague, A. L.
Abstract: Spectroscopic measurements of thermal emission from asteroids, the Moon, Mercury and Galilean satellites are presented and discussed. The body of the text is ``figure-rich'' because of the rare opportunity to review and display much of the published work in a relatively young area of remote sensing. An attempt has been made to reference all published literature in which mid-infrared spectroscopic measurements of solar system regoliths have appeared and to guide the reader towards work in progress that will appear in the literature in the near future. An interested reader will have a near-complete reference list of observations. A very brief discussion of terrestrial thermal emission spectroscopy for remote sensing is given with enough references to permit further pursuit by the interested reader.
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