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Paper: Building a Network of Self-Consistent Mid-IR Calibration Stars
Volume: 196, Thermal Emission Spectroscopy and Analysis of Dust, Disks, and Regoliths
Page: 345
Authors: Cohen, Martin; Walker, R. G.; Witteborn, F. C.
Abstract: We respond to a request from the organizers of this meeting to answer a number of frequently asked questions about calibration stars for the infrared (IR). In the process we describe our past 9 years of work in the field of absolute IR calibration, culminating this month in the release of 422 new calibration stars that form the bulk of an all-sky network of self-consistent calibrators; i.e., whether one observes a bright or faint member of this network, one derives the same conversion from output response to physical irradiance. There are direct ties to the absolute calibrations of: COBE/DIRBE; both the Near- and Mid-IR IRTS spectrometers; MSX; ISO, particularly the SWS; (and WIRE). We outline possible techniques that we have considered to meet the future needs of spectrometers on large ground-based telescopes and spaceborne instruments, and briefly address the issue of high-spectral-resolution calibrators.
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