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Paper: Studies on the Flare Energy Build-Up Process Using Solar-B/Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) and Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART) at Hida Observatory
Volume: 325, The Solar-B Mission and the Forefront of Solar Physics
Page: 331
Authors: Ishii, T.T.; Nagata, S.; UeNo, S.; Kitai, R.; Kurokawa, H.; SMART Team
Abstract: Evolution of active regions is one of the key topics for understanding the energy storage and triggering mechanisms of flares. In our previous studies, we found that the twisted structure of emerging magnetic flux bundles is the essential feature of flare-productive active regions. Vector magnetic field data sets are necessary to examine the twisted magnetic field structures (e.g. shear and helicity). The Solar-B/Solar Optical Telescope (SOT) enables us to study the detailed magnetic field configuration with a high spatial resolution. Recently we have constructed our new telescope, Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART) at Hida Observatory. Vector magnetic field telescope of SMART has a much wider field of view (FOV) than that of SOT. In this paper, we propose an observational plan of the active region evolution and flare energy build-up process with SOT and SMART.
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