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Paper: AIRES: An Airborne Infra-Red Echelle Spectrometer for SOFIA
Volume: 196, Thermal Emission Spectroscopy and Analysis of Dust, Disks, and Regoliths
Page: 367
Authors: Dotson, Jessie L.; Erickson, Edwin F.; Haas, Michael R.; Colgan, Sean W. J.; Simpson, Janet P.; Telesco, Charles M.; Piña, Robert K.; Wolf, Jürgen; Young, Erick T.
Abstract: SOFIA will enable astronomical observations with unprecedented angular resolution at infrared wavelengths obscured from the ground. To help open this new chapter in the exploration of the infrared universe, we are building AIRES, an Airborne Infra-Red Echelle Spectrometer. AIRES will be operated as a first generation, general purpose facility instrument by USRA, NASA's prime contractor for SOFIA. AIRES is a long slit spectrograph operating from 17 - 210 μm. In high resolution mode the spectral resolving power is ~ 106 μm/λ or ~ 10 4 at 100 μm. Unfortunately, since the conference, a low resolution mode with resolving power about 100 times lower has been deleted due to budgetary constraints. AIRES includes a slit viewing camera which operates in broad bands at 18 and 25 μm.
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