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Paper: Solar-B X-Ray Telescope (XRT)
Volume: 325, The Solar-B Mission and the Forefront of Solar Physics
Page: 15
Authors: Kano, R.; Hara, H.; Shimojo, M.; Tsuneta, S.; Sakao, T.; Matsuzaki, K.; Kosugi, T.; Golub, L.; DeLuca, E.E.; Bookbinder, J.A.; Cheimets, P.; Owens, J.K.; Hill, L.D.
Abstract: The Soft X-ray Telescope (XRT) aboard Solar-B is a grazing incidence X-ray telescope equipped with 2k × 2k CCD. XRT has 1 arcsec resolution with wide field-of-view of 34 × 34 arcmin. It is sensitive to < 1 MK to 30 MK, allowing us to obtain TRACE-like low temperature images as well. Co-alignment with SOT and EIS is realized through the XRT visible light telescope and with temperature overlap with EIS. Spacecraft mission data processor (MDP) controls XRT through the sequence tables with versatile autonomous functions such as exposure control, region-of-interest tracking, flare detection and flare location identification. Data are compressed either with DPCM or JPEG, depending on the purpose. This results in higher cadence and/or wider field-of-view for given telemetry bandwidth. With focus adjust mechanism, higher resolution of Gaussian focus may be available on-axis.
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