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Paper: Late-type stars members of young stellar kinematic groups
Volume: 198, Stellar Clusters and Associations: Convection, Rotation, and Dynamos
Page: 203
Authors: Montes, D.; Latorre, A.; Fernández-Figueroa, M. J.
Abstract: We have compiled a catalog of late-type stars (F5-M) member of representative young disk stellar kinematic groups: the Local Association (Pleiades moving group, 20 - 150 Myr), Ursa Mayor group (Sirius supercluster, 300 Myr), and Hyades supercluster (600 Myr). Other moving groups as IC 2391 supercluster (35 Myr) and Castor Moving Group (200 Myr) have been also included. Stars have been selected from previously established member of stellar kinematic groups based in photometric and kinematic properties as well as from candidates based in other criteria as their level of chromospheric activity, rotation rate, lithium abundance. Precise measurements of proper motions and parallaxes taken from Hipparcos Catalogue, and published radial velocity measurements are used to calculate Galactic space motions (U, V, W) in order to determine the membership of the selected stars to the different stellar kinematic groups. In addition to kinematic properties we also give for each star photometric, spectroscopic and physical properties as well as information about activity indicators and Li abundance. Some chromospherically active binaries results to be also members of some of these stellar kinematic groups.
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