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Paper: Tether-Cutting Energetics of a Solar Quiet Region Prominence Eruption
Volume: 325, The Solar-B Mission and the Forefront of Solar Physics
Page: 395
Authors: Sterling, A.C.
Abstract: We study the morphology and energetics of a slowly-evolving quiet region solar prominence eruption occurring on 1999 February 8-9 in the solar north polar crown region, using Fe XV EUV 284 Å data from the EUV Imaging Telescope (EIT) on SOHO and soft X-ray data from the soft X-ray telescope (SXT) on Yohkoh. After rising at approximately 1 kms−1 for about six hours, the prominence accelerates to a velocity of approximately 10 kms−1 leaving behind EUV and soft X-ray loop arcades of a weak flare in its source region. These flare brightenings are consistent with "tether-cutting" reconnection occurring beneath the rising prominence, but they only become apparent about two hours after the prominence's acceleration. Nonetheless, via energetic arguments we show that tether cutting could have been occurring nearer the time of the start of the fast rise, but not yet discernible in SXT images. Therefore we are unable to assess whether tether cutting was responsible for the the prominence's acceleration from these data alone.
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