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Paper: Properties of Proto-Planetary Nebulae
Volume: 199, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae II: From Origins to Microstructures
Page: 135
Authors: Meixner, Margaret
Abstract: This review describes some general properties of proto-planetary nebulae with particular emphasis on the recent work of morphological studies. The weight of observational evidence shows that proto- planetary nebulae (PPNe) are most certainly axisymmetric like planetary nebulae. Recent work suggests two subclasses of PPNe optical morphology, DUst-Prominent Longitudinally-EXtended (DUPLEX) and Star-Obvious Low-level Elongated (SOLE). Radiative transfer models of an example DUPLEX PPN and SOLE PPN, presented here, support the interpretation that DUPLEX and SOLE are two physically distinct types of PPNe. The DUPLEX PPNe and SOLE PPNe may well be the precursors to bipolar and elliptical PNe, respectively.
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