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Paper: A Spatio-Kinematic Study of the Interaction of the PN NGC 246 with the Interstellar Medium
Volume: 199, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae II: From Origins to Microstructures
Page: 317
Authors: Muthu, C.; Anandarao, B. G.; Pottasch, S. R.
Abstract: Spatio-Kinematic observations were made on NGC 246 in the [OIII] 5007Å line using an IFPS. Deceleration was detected in the leading edge of the nebular shell, possibly due to its interaction with the interstellar medium. Shell fragmentation and stopping time scales are found to be larger than the nebular age. The electron temperature derived from spectrographic data in the leading half is larger than that in the trailing half due possibly to the compressional heating.
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