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Paper: Features of Solar Telescopes at the Hida Observatory and the Possibilities of Coordinated Observations with Solar-B
Volume: 325, The Solar-B Mission and the Forefront of Solar Physics
Page: 319
Authors: UeNo, S.; Nagata, S.; Kitai, R.; Kurokawa, H.
Abstract: At the Hida observatory, two solar telescopes, Domeless Solar Telescope (DST) and Flare Monitoring Telescope (FMT), have been operated for studying solar fundamental structures and active phenomena which affect interplanetary environment. In addition, a new telescope named Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART) was built from 2002 through 2003 to obtain simultaneously Hα image and the vector magnetogram of the full solar disk with high spatial and temporal resolution. In this paper, we give an outline and scientific purposes of these three telescopes, with emphasis on the SMART, and discuss about possibilities of coordinated observations with Solar-B.
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