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Paper: Magellanic Cloud Planetary Nebulae: A Fresh Look at the Relations between Nebular and Stellar Evolution
Volume: 199, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae II: From Origins to Microstructures
Page: 441
Authors: Stanghellini, L.; Shaw, R. A.; Blades, J. C.; Balick, B.
Abstract: Studies of the relationship between planetary nebula morphology and the evolution of the central stars has long suffered from uncertainties in distance determinations, and from the bias of interstellar absorption, that are typical for Galactic PNe. We will be able to eliminate the distance errors and be assured of the sample homogeneity by studying Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) PNe with images from the Hubble Space Telescope. In this talk we present the first observations in our new sample. The data consist of broad-band images and medium dispersion, slit-less spectra obtained with STIS, and are of excellent quality. Indeed, these data show great promise for subsequent analysis, which will be centered on the relationship between nebular morphology and stellar and nebular evolution. While the most intensive analysis of the sample must await the completion of the survey, the data obtained so far show that we will learn a lot along the way.
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