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Paper: Magnetic Helicity Injection and Sigmoidal Coronal Loops
Volume: 325, The Solar-B Mission and the Forefront of Solar Physics
Page: 145
Authors: Yamamoto, T.T.; Sakurai, T.; Kusano, K.; Maeshiro, T.; Yokoyama, T.
Abstract: We analyzed the magnetic helicity injection in NOAA Active Region 8011 with the method proposed by Kusano et al. (2002). It was found that the helical geometry of a sigmoidal loop in this region is consistent with the magnetic helicity injected from the foot points of the loop. We also made a statistical study of the correlation between X-ray intensity and magnetic helicity injection. We found that the sum of the absolute values of the magnetic helicity injection shows good correlation with the X-ray luminosity. The estimated flux of magnetic free energy injection is not highly correlated with the X-ray flux, because the former quantity is overestimated in our simple method.
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