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Paper: Macrospicules, Coronal Heating, and Solar-B
Volume: 325, The Solar-B Mission and the Forefront of Solar Physics
Page: 301
Authors: Yamauchi, Y.; Moore, R.L.; Suess, S.T.; Wang, H.; Sakurai, T.
Abstract: We investigated the magnetic structures of macrospicules in polar coronal holes using Hα images taken at Big Bear Solar Observatory. We found a total of 35 macrospicules. Half of the events were in the form of an erupting loop while the rest were in the form of a single-column spiked jet. These eruptingloop and spiked-jet macrospicules are considered to support models in which the coronal heating and solar wind acceleration in coronal holes are driven by explosive reconnection events seated in the network. We believe that the vector magnetograph on the forthcoming Solar-B mission will provide critical clues to the mechanisms of coronal heating and solar wind acceleration by detecting magnetic activities at the base of macrospicules in the network and spicules rooted in the edges of the network flux clumps. These results are also presented in Astrophysical Journal (Yamauchi et al. 2004).
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