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Paper: Eclipse Science Results: Past and Present (Invited review)
Volume: 205, The Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkey
Page: 3
Authors: Livingston, W.; Koutchmy, S.
Abstract: We have investigated X-ray ejecta above flare loops, which were observed before soft X-ray peak time, using the Yohkoh soft X-ray observations in 1996 when the background corona was very weak. We found 35 plasma ejecta out of 84 flares and studied soft X-ray data to discover the probability to observe the plasma ejecta. On the other hand, we searched for prominence eruptions using Solar-Geophysical Data in the same flare series and found 16 prominence eruptions out of 29 flares having soft x-ray plasma ejecta. As a result, 76% of flares have plasma ejecta observed in either Hα or soft X-ray wavelength. It follows from this that there are many flare associated ejecta.
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