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Paper: Quantitative Color Photometry of the Solar Corona
Volume: 205, The Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkey
Page: 91
Authors: Park, Y. D.; Kim, I. S.; Kroussanova, N. L.; Baskaran, D.
Abstract: The "reddening" effect and its distribution in the solar corona is estimated on the basis of quantitative color photometry using IDL software. White light corona photographs obtained during the total solar eclipse of July 11, 1991 are used for this analysis. Digitizing the color films by a Perkin-Elmer microdensitometer was done in the blue and the red spectral intervals centered at 450 nm and 660 nm respectively. In this paper, we present the distribution of the color index (CI = I660 / I450) for the whole corona. CI is seen to be differ in different coronal structures. The "reddening" and its increase with radial distance are found out to < 3 Rodot. It is noted that integration along the line of sight and correct absolute calibration seem to be crucial in searching the "reddening" effect as deduced from the intensity distribution in the picture plane.
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