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Paper: An Emerging Flux Region Observed With TRACE
Volume: 205, The Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkey
Page: 133
Authors: Yashiro, S.; Shibata, K.
Abstract: We study the early evolution of an active region in the corona observed with the Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE). This region appeared around 8-Jun-98 02:11 UT near the west limb, and grew into the large active region. In the TRACE data, we can clearly see many individual emerging magnetic loops during 1 day after emergence, and we examine their apparent velocities. We found that the rise velocity of a bright loop is about 5 - 15 km/s, which is almost the same as those of Hα arch filaments as well as the prediction from theory. In the present Yohkoh data, we can not see individual emerging loops directly. For that reason, we calculate the time variation of size of this active region using Yohkoh data, and obtained the average apparent expansion velocity 1 km/s. We conclude that the apparent expansion of EFRs in soft X-rays does not reflect the actual rise motion of magnetic loops.
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