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Paper: Estimating the Characteristic Size of Coronal Fine Structure
Volume: 205, The Last Total Solar Eclipse of the Millennium in Turkey
Page: 173
Authors: Karovska, M.; Zaccheo, S.
Abstract: Images of the solar corona obtained during solar eclipses contain many complex components with different spatial scales and a wide range of contrast levels. Spatial characterization of these components is extremely important for understanding the characteristics of the small-scale structure in the corona. We describe here the results from applying two image processing techniques to solar images from the 1991 eclipse taken by S. Koutchmy to study the fine coronal structures. The data analysis indicate quasi-periodicity of the spacings between the small-structures within the streamers and the loop-like structures. Most of the streamer elements are spaced approximately 15 arcseconds apart, and there is possibly a second fundamental period of 9 arcseconds. The analysis also suggest that the elements within the loop-like structures are separated by approximately 14 arcseconds.`
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