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Paper: Massive Clusters in Hubble Sequence Galaxies: Ellipticals.
Volume: 211, Massive Stellar Clusters
Page: 55
Authors: Kissler-Patig, M.
Abstract: A brief overview of the properties of massive star clusters in early-type galaxies is given. All ellipticals (with only one known exception) host massive star clusters in the form of globular clusters, suggesting that their formation is very common. The number of clusters per unit galaxy mass appears very constant, pointing at similar formation processes on large scales. Furthermore, the luminosity/mass functions of the globular cluster systems appear to be very similar from galaxy to galaxy, pointing at similar formation processes on small scales. Probably the most important recent discovery is the presence of cluster sub-populations in many (if not all) early-type galaxies. The latter seem to be closely linked to galaxy formation and evolution, and appear to support hierarchical clustering models, however with an early spheroid formation.
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