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Paper: Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars in Interacting Galaxy Globular Clusters
Volume: 211, Massive Stellar Clusters
Page: 144
Authors: Mouhcine, M.; Lançon, A.
Abstract: We present new modelling of the spectrophotometric properties of intermediate age stellar populations in the near-infrared (NIR). We take into account the evolutionary and spectroscopic properties of the Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars which dominate the integrated NIR emission of those populations. The predictions of spectrophotometric narrow-band molecular indices require the use of an effective temperature -- colour (or spectrum) calibration for AGB stars; synthetic indices show a strong dependence upon this calibration. Preliminary results of NIR observations of a supermassive 500 Myr old stellar cluster in the prototypical merger remnant NGC 7252 are presented. The spectra are indeed consistent with intermediate age models dominated by light from AGB stars, a significant fraction of which may be carbon rich. Implications for the stellar inputs used in the modelling of intermediate age stellar populations and their NIR emission are discussed.
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