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Paper: The Puzzling Theoretical Scenario for Low Mass He Burning Stars in Open Clusters
Volume: 211, Massive Stellar Clusters
Page: 169
Authors: degl'Innocenti, S.; Castellani, V.; Girardi, L.; Marconi, M.; Prada Moroni, P. G.; Weiss, A.
Abstract: This paper is focused on theoretical predictions for the luminosity of He burning models originated from Red Giant progenitors with He core undergoing electron degeneracy. We first compare models by various authors as recently appeared in the literature, disclosing sensitive differences in the predicted luminosity of He burning stars as the natural result of evolutionary codes with different - but all reasonable- input physics. Then we present a plausible fit for the galactic open clusters M67 showing that stellar models based on the "most updated" input physics possibly overestimate the He burning luminosity, raising doubts on several current predictions concerning the luminosity of HB stars in galactic globulars.
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