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Paper: Modelling the Spectral Energy Distribution of the Edge-On Spiral Galaxy NGC891
Volume: 221, Stars, Gas and Dust in Galaxies: Exploring the Links
Page: 87
Authors: Popescu, C.; Tuffs, R.; Fischera, J.; Misiriotis, A.; Kylafis, N.
Abstract: We describe a new tool for the analysis of the UV to the sub-millimeter (sub-mm) spectral energy distribution (SED) of spiral galaxies. We use this tool to analyse the well-studied nearby edge-on spiral galaxy NGC891. First we investigate whether the old stellar population in NGC891, along with a reasonable assumption about the young stellar population, can account for the heating of the dust and the observed far-infrared and sub-mm emission. The dust distribution is taken from the model of Xilouris et al. (1999), who used only optical and near-infrared observations to determine it. We have found that this model cannot reproduce the SED of NGC891, especially in the sub-mm range. We present then a two-model, which can account for the observed SED of NGC891.
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