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Paper: The close environment of P Cygni in Hα
Volume: 233, P Cygni 2000: 400 Years of Progress
Page: 119
Authors: Chesneau, O.; Vakili, F.; Abe, L.; Roche, Muriel; Aime, Claude; Lanteri, Henri
Abstract: We report the first observation of the inner wind of P Cygni in Hα using experimental adaptive optics at the 1.52 m telescope of Observatoire de Haute Provence in 1997. A deconvolution using a nearby reference star reveals a few 50-100 mas strongly-emissive clumps whose structure corresponds qualitatively to images obtained from long baseline radio interferometry. These results complement the interferometric observations conducted on the GI2T interferometer in 1994, and demonstrate the capabilities of new high-resolution techniques for monitoring the spatial activity from the innermost regions to the outer nebula of P Cygni. We discuss the possibilities opened by techniques such as adaptive optics, long-baseline interferometry and polarimetry which can cover a large range of spatial and temporal resolution particularly well suited to the study of LBV ejecta.
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