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Paper: The near-infrared spectrum of P Cygni
Volume: 233, P Cygni 2000: 400 Years of Progress
Page: 125
Authors: Smith, N.
Abstract: A low-resolution near-infrared spectrum of P Cygni is presented here, along with a brief discussion. Line profiles of a few of the brightest emission lines are also shown, having been observed with much higher spectral resolution. These spectra conform to expectations for P Cygni's very dense stellar wind. In some respects, the low-resolution spectrum of the central star is nothing to write home about, but it provides a useful basis for comparison with earlier and future spectra to address variability in the stellar wind. Interesting extended structure is seen in the spatially resolved long-slit spectra; most conspicuous is the emission from [FeII] 16435, which extends out to at least 10 arcsec from the star, and indicates shock excitation in P Cygni's circumstellar nebula.
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