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Paper: Spectroscopy of P Cygni
Volume: 233, P Cygni 2000: 400 Years of Progress
Page: 133
Authors: Najarro, F.
Abstract: We present a full UV to IR quantitative spectroscopic analysis of P Cygni using a new generation of line-blanketed models for extended atmospheres with stellar winds. The observational constraints are given by averaged high-resolution IUE SWS-LWP spectra, high-resolution optical and near-IR spectra (4060 - 8900 A), and ISO-SWS IR spectra (2.38 - 45.2 mu). Our models show excellent agreement with the observations at all wavelength regions. We confirm results from previous He abundance studies and present first results on abundance determinations for C, N, O, Mg, Al, Si and Fe.
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