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Paper: The FITS Embedded Function Format
Volume: 238, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems X
Page: 479
Authors: Rots, A. H.; McDowell, J. C.; Wise, M.; He, X. H.; Freeman, P. E.
Abstract: We have developed a format convention that allows one to specify an n-dimensional function in a FITS binary table, the FITS Embedded Function (FEF). The format allows for enumerated values, constants, and analytical functions, and arithmetic combinations of those three. The parameters of the analytical functions may, again, be enumerated, constant, or function values. The concept is intended to allow the user to extract a multi-dimensional subimage from a FEF in the same way one would extract a subimage from a primary array or image extension. The format is extremely versatile and has many potential applications. Developing a generic FEF extractor is very challenging but will allow very cost-effective reuse.
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