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Paper: Optimal Weighting Scheme in Redshift-Space Power Spectrum Analysis and Prospect for Measuring the Equation of State of Dark Energy
Volume: 339, Observing Dark Energy
Page: 167
Authors: Yamamoto, K.
Abstract: We develop a useful formula of the optimal weighting scheme for power spectrum analysis in redshift space, incorporating the redshift-space distortions and the redshift-evolution effect, as an extension of the work by Feldman, Kaiser, & Peacock (1994). Using this formula, we demonstrate the usefulness of the power spectrum analysis with the luminous red galaxy sample in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey as a probe of the equation of state of dark energy. Next, we revisit the power spectrum analysis of the complete sample of the two degree field (2dF) QSO redshift (2QZ) survey. It is shown that the QSO power spectrum is consistent with the Λ cold dark matter (CDM) model with the matter density parameter Ωm = 0.2 − 0.4. The constraint on w from the QSO power spectrum is demonstrated, though it is not very tight. These investigations demonstrate the promise of the redshift-space power spectrum in future large surveys.
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