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Paper: The Broad- and Narrow-Line Regions of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxies
Volume: 249, The Central Kiloparsec of Starbursts and AGN: the La Palma Connection
Page: 290
Authors: Dewangan, G. C.; Singh, K. P.; Chavushyan, V.; Valdes, J. R.
Abstract: We have studied the Hβ region of six narrow-line Seyfert 1 (NLS1) galaxies. In most cases, the Hβ profile is best fitted by a combination of a Lorentzian (FWHM ~1100--1250kms-1) and a narrow Gaussian (FWHM ~400kms-1), however, multiple Gaussians can also be adjusted. We have estimated the contribution of the narrow-line region to the total Hβ by decomposing it into Lorentzians and Gaussians such that the narrowest component has similar width to that of the [O iii] λ5007 line. The strength of the forbidden line ([O iii] λ5007) relative to the narrow component of Hβ (Hβn) seems to be weaker in the NLS1s compared to that of Seyfert 2s. The absolute luminosities of [O iii] λ5007 of NLS1s and broad-line Seyfert 1s (BLS1s) are indistinguishable. This suggests that [O iii] λ5007 emission in NLS1s is not intrinsically weaker than that of BLS1s and the low [O iii] λ5007 / Hβn of NLS1s could be due to the presence of H ii regions in the central kpc region. The overall properties of the BLR and the anti-correlation between the soft X-ray slope and Hβ width found in NLS1s can be understood in terms of dotM / dotMEdd.
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