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Paper: The Three-Dimensionality of Spiral Shocks: Did Chondrules Catch a Breaking Wave?
Volume: 341, Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk
Page: 839
Authors: Boley, A.C.; Durisen, R.H.; Pickett, M.K.
Abstract: Spiral shocks in vertically stratified disks lead to hydraulic/shock-jumps (hs-jumps) that stimulate large scale (tenths of an AU or more) radial and vertical motions, breaking surface waves, high-altitude shocks, and vortical flows. These effects are demonstrated by three-dimensional hydrodynamics simulations in Solar Nebula models. Trajectories of fluid elements, along with their thermal histories, suggest that hs-jumps mix the nebular gas and provide diverse pre-shock conditions, some of which are conducive to chondrule formation. In addition, hs-jumps may provide an energy source for driving nebular turbulence to size-sort chondrules.
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