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Paper: Chondrule-forming Processes--An Overview
Volume: 341, Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk
Page: 811
Authors: Ciesla, F.J.
Abstract: Among the chief challenges in meteoritics is identifying the mechanism(s) responsible for the formation of chondrules. Workshops on their origins have been held in 1982 and 1994, and the issue was discussed in great detail again at the 2004 Workshop on Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk. While our understanding of chondrule formation has improved over the two decades since the first workshop, the mechanism by which chondrules formed is still hotly debated. Here I outline the properties of chondrules that must be explained by a chondrule formation theory and explain how these properties constrain the chondrule formation process itself. I then discuss how the currently favored mechanisms for chondrule formation account for these properties and what some of the questions are that must be answered in order for these mechanisms to gain more support. The goal here is not to champion any mechanism, but rather to identify the criteria by which chondrule formation theories should be evaluated and identify important issues that require further attention.
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