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Paper: Origin and Thermal History of Fe-Ni Metal in Primitive Chondrites
Volume: 341, Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk
Page: 407
Authors: Campbell, A.J.; Zanda, B.; Perron, C.; Meibom, A.; Petaev, M.I.
Abstract: Recent work on the high temperature origins of chondritic Fe-Ni metal is reviewed. Emphasis is placed on the interplay between metal and silicate during chondrule formation, and on the chemical processes most responsible for metal formation, including volatilization/condensation, redox reactions with silicate, and desulfurization of FeS and other sulfides. Four specific chondrite metal settings are considered in depth: CR chondrites, in which the metal-chondrule interaction is most easily observed; ordinary chondrites, whose metal is also chondrule-processed but more metamorphosed than that of the CRs; CH and CB chondrites, whose metal appears to be largely produced by condensation; and CAI metal, which is highly enriched in refractory siderophile elements and records extremely high temperature processing.

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