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Paper: On the X-ray Jets in Pulsar Wind Nebulae
Volume: 271, Neutron Stars in Supernova Remnants
Page: 91
Authors: Lyubarsky, Y.
Abstract: The origin of the X-ray jet in the inner Crab nebula and other pulsar wind nebulae is discussed. A jet may be formed in axisymmetric, magnetized pulsar winds and the jet luminosity scales relative to the total as gamma0*(sigma0)(-4/3), where gamma0 is the Lorentz factor at the base of the flow and sigma0 the ratio of Poynting flux to particle energy output. A jet with reasonable luminosity may be formed in the Crab pulsar wind if only gamma0 * sigma0 >> 100. This means that the wind is much more mass loaded than previously believed. Another possibility is discussed, namely, that the jet is formed beyond the termination shock. It is argued that the shock shape should be highly non-spherical, the shock being much closer to the pulsar near the axis than at the equator. Therefore the jet may look as if it originates directly from the pulsar.
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