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Paper: Radio Observations of the Composite SNR B0540-693
Volume: 271, Neutron Stars in Supernova Remnants
Page: 195
Authors: Dickel, J. R.; Mulligan, M. C.; Klinger, R. J.; Gaensler, B. M.; Milne, D. K.; Manchester, R. N.; Staveley-Smith, L.; Kesteven, M. J.; Gallant, Y.
Abstract: The supernova remnant B0540-693 has been imaged at wavelengths of 20, 6, and 3.5 cm using the Australia Telescope Compact Array. The extended shell component of the SNR, with a diameter of about 15 pc, matches well with the X-ray emission in the west and south but not in the north and east. The compact plerion, which contains a 50-ms pulsar, has an extent of about 2.0x1.7 pc and consists of two clumps separated by about 0.4 pc along an axis in the approximately northeast-southwest direction. Two-wavelength polarimetry of the plerion indicates a magnetic field direction close to but not exactly perpendicular to that axis and high internal Faraday rotation.
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