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Paper: Torque Variability in Two Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters
Volume: 271, Neutron Stars in Supernova Remnants
Page: 313
Authors: Woods, P. M.; Kouveliotou, C.; Gogus, E.; Finger, M. H.; Swank, J.; Markwardt, C. B.; Hurley, K.; van der Klis, M.
Abstract: The frequency and burst rate histories of two soft gamma-ray repeaters (SGR 1900+14 and SGR 1806-20) are presented. In both sources, we observe large changes in the spin-down torque up to a factor of ~4-5. The observed changes in spin-down rate do not correlate with burst activity; therefore, the physical mechanisms behind each phenomenon are also likely unrelated. Comparisons are made between the torque fluctuations in these SGRs and the fluctuations seen in known accreting systems and radio pulsars. These comparisons are made in an effort to constrain the physical mechanism behind the spin-down torque in soft gamma-ray repeaters and hence their magnetic field strengths.
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