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Paper: Orbital Morphology of 3D Bars
Volume: 275, Disks of Galaxies: Kinematics, Dynamics and Perturbations
Page: 161
Authors: Patsis, P. A.
Abstract: In this paper it is presented an extensive study of orbits in 3D barred potentials. Different bar morphologies are supported by families of periodic orbits as the pattern speed, the strength of the bar, and the properties of the central bulge vary. It is shown, that in a 3D bar, the backbone of the orbital structure is not just the x1 family, as in 2D models, but a tree of 2D and 3D families bifurcating from x1. The detailed investigation of the trees of bifurcating families in various models shows that major building blocks of 3D bars can be supplied by families initially introduced as unstable in the system. In models without radial and vertical 2:1 resonances we find, except for the x1 and x1-originated families, also families related to the z-axis orbits, which support the bar. Bifurcations of the x2 family can build a secondary 3D bar along the minor axis of the main bar. This is favoured in the slow rotating bar case.
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