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Paper: BVRIJHK Photometry and Fabry-Perot Interferometry of KPG468
Volume: 275, Disks of Galaxies: Kinematics, Dynamics and Perturbations
Page: 450
Authors: Hernández-Toledo, H. M.; Rosado, M.; Cruz-Gonzalez, I.; Franco, A.; Juarez, J.; Reyes, J.
Abstract: As part of our systematic study of binary galaxies in the Northern Hemisphere, we have carried out BVRIJHK CCD photometry and high resolution Hα, [SII] and [NII] Scanning Fabry Perot Interferometry in a sample selected from the Karachentsev (1972) Catalogue of Isolated Pairs of Galaxies. We present preliminary results for the interacting binary system NGC 5953/54. NGC 5954 shows a strongly disturbed velocity field. NGC 5953 shows a well behaved central velocity field and central rotation curve with some hints of asymmetries beyond the central 15 arcsec. The colour profiles in this galaxy have a tendency to be flat over all the observed radii. This could be an indication of considerable star formation in the central region of this gala
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